Esther McManus and Mark Simmonds

Can the internet bookshop function as a portal to explore broader narratives, associations and alternate realities? The work and research developed and serialised throughout Good Press’ online environment will mirror the ongoing discourse between Esther and Mark around the roles of reading, writing and performance in questioning conventional educational or publishing structures.

Esther McManus’ work bridges art, education, publishing and research to explore collaboration and participation. www.esthermcmanus.co.uk

Moving between design, writing, publishing and art, Mark Simmonds’ work is informed by an interest in unclaimed languages and the vernacular. www.marksimmonds.info

We are currently residing at the London Centre for Book Arts:


Saturday 30th July, 5pm: Preparation for the next Minute and the story so far, an illustrated reading

Friday 19th August, 10am-5pm: Today amongst sounds of folding, glueing and printing, a whispered reading of MR James' Canon Alberic's Scrapbook will echo throughout LCBA.

Monday 12th September, 6pm: While the Centre is closed, the great bell Bertrande (high in the tower), will begin to speak, calling the dwellers on this lonely afternoon to remember and repeat the salutation of the angel to her whom he called Blessed among women.

Wednesday 14th September, 4pm: Life drawing at the LCBA, an experiment in observation and transcription